Frozen Green Pavlova - Chef Recipe Quentin Zerr

Frozen Green Pavlova - Chef Recipe Quentin Zerr



70g egg white
105g sugar
4g cornflour


10g brunoise cucumber
10g brunoise green apple
13g pear compote

Chantilly cream:

200g cream
20g sugar
1 vanilla bean


100g fresh cucumber juice
100gn fresh green apple juice
20g glucose powder
2g super neutrose
1g inverted sugar
96g sugar
160g water

Dry ice to serve


Make a meringue. Pipe it in a disc circle of 7.5cm diameter with a nozzle of 10mm. Cook at 90 C in oven for 2 hours.

Cut the brunoise of cucumber and green apple and mix together with the pear compote.

Boil cream, sugar and vanilla bean together. Let it rest overnight in fridge; then whip it. Use a nozzle 9mm to pipe the drop at plating.

For the sorbet, make a syrup with sugar, glucose powder, super neutrose, inverted sugar and water.

Pour it on top of the fresh juices and churn it in the ice cream machine straight away.

Keep in freezer after that.

To serve:

Place the meringue disc on the plate.

Pipe some drops of the vanilla Chantilly cream around on top of the meringue.

Add the brunoise on the centre.

Add some fresh dill of the Chantilly drop around it.

Use an ice cream scoop to make a spiral of the sorbet.

Take a bigger bowl and add dry ice.

Place the plate/bowl with pavlova on the centre of the bigger bowl.

Then add some hot/boiling water and the magic part is appearing - the smoke is making the show.

Recipe provided by Mode Kitchen & Bar

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